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28 days later full movie examples of relative and absolute age Are you serious? You're suggesting that a zombie movie is... Are you kidding me? You're an idiot. Zombie movies aren't supposed to be about realism. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Tweet Activists set lab animals free from their cages--only to learn, too late, that they're infected with a "rage" virus that turns them into frothing, savage killers. The virus quickly spreads to human beings, and when a man named Jim Cillian Murphy awakens in an empty hospital and walks outside, he finds a deserted London. In a series of astonishing shots, he wanders Piccadilly Circus and crosses Westminster Bridge with not another person in sight, learning from old wind-blown newspapers of a virus that turned humanity against itself. Advertisement So opens "28 Days Later," which begins as a great science fiction film and continues as an intriguing study of human nature.

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Many are, once again, fighting for their basic rights after a string of southern states have renewed their efforts to strip LGBT residents of legal protection, most notably barring trans people from using public bathrooms that match their preferred gender. The situation has grown so dire, so dehumanizing, that President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently had to take public stands against the measures, which are most prominent in North Carolina at the moment.

She digs deep into depression and substance abuse, and stares her Christian faith in the face without flinching.

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Possibly more serious. As happy as I am, things have changed a bit. The stakes are higher now.

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