Work of Art's Miles Mendenhall's Half Gallery Opening

Miles mendenhall art matt harvey yankees hat How ungrateful. There are hundreds if not thousands of artists that would have loved to exchange places with him and to insult the show is juvenile. He has benefited immensely from the exposure, and it seems he is unappreciative. Giving the middle finger to the show? He is a douchebag if that was his intentions should he have won. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

abdi farah

Who is Miles Mendenhall? The series is a total contradiction, emphasizing the value of art by subjecting artists to challenges which seem designed to dilute their work and maximize reality television drama, and yet the resulting pressure placed on artists gives us a front row seat to their creative process which would otherwise be impenetrable I wrote more about this earlier this summer. On the one hand, Miles is trying to as Saltz notes ingratiate himself with the guest judge, but doing so also draws out the conflict between the serious nature of the gallery setting which Saltz feels is violated by his disgusting brownnosing and the way the series builds up the guest judge for the sake of television production.

Miles on the impact of the show on his art