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Felicia day youtube channel radiometric dating methods pdf Wooing an audience that has seemingly countless consumption options Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, and the many other distractions on the Internet is no simple feat. Day, 36, who is known for her work on TV and web shows like Dr. In 2012, Day launched a YouTube channel currently at 1. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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She's an actress, online personality, geek, gamer, writer, director, and even a book author with a memoir called, "You're Never Weird on the Internet almost. Heading to Hollywood after college with no connections and no clue about how the business operated, Day worked her way up through commercials into some appearances on televisions and then into recurring parts. But there are dead ends and disappointments in the industry, so she wrote her own. The Guild, a niche web series focused on a group of gamers, was turned down by everyone, so with the help of some friends she brought it to the web, where it flourished for six seasons. While continuing acting ironically, it became the day job the made everything else possible , she continued with YouTube, social media, and convention personal appearances.

Felicia Day: How I Got Here (June 2014)

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Hit the jump for the interview and more info on Geek Week. How did that come about? How did you get involved with that? Just highlight all of their content on YouTube. How did you guys gets approached about this by YouTube?

Felicia Day's YouTube Channel Salutes Geek Culture - POWER PLAYERS

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Track Listing. Thirty Tigers - by Nate Hennon Some bands are gateways to other genres or scenes.