Social activists risk their lives as Colombia’s peace process falters

Colombian men' french volunteer new york But when Augusto arrived home, he found the lock on his door had been smashed in and the contents of his room were strewn in a mess on the floor. But this time, actions meant more than words. I was in constant fear and anxiety, ending up in an existential crisis asking how I ended up in this situation. At present, a social leader is killed every three days — and most culprits go unpunished. In 2012, Augusto received several intimidating anonymous emails in which his name appeared on a list — he says others on that list have been killed. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

You expect that of a death squad commander in Colombia who killed hundreds of peasants, leftist polticians and suspected Marxist sympathizers. But in the end it was his own older brother Vicente, "El Professor," who supposedly hired the assassins who killed Carlos. He was shot two years ago in an ambush, at the age of 39. But it wasn't until Sept.

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And one of the strongest amongst them is Julien Baker. Across her two albums to date Baker has not so much bared her soul, but exposed the darkest embers of it.

Are there any other ways that being from Arkansas has influenced your career. How do you think the music scene in Little Rock today is different than it was in your formative years. There is still a lot going on there, obviously. The White Water Tavern has become extremely important to Arkansas music, not only for fostering local musicians but also for bringing in touring folks from out of state.


But Baker - who is "terrified" of performing - says she feels most at ease when the audience is singing along with her. It feels like conversation, it doesn't feel like there's a lot of scrutiny on me as a performer that I need to deliver something.