Compatibility testing tools how to avoid page lock in sql server Non Functional Testing Compatibility Testing The success of a software application is defined by its reach. Ensuring that a large set of users are benefitted by the application or product, is essential for business growth. This emphasizes the need for IT products to be functioning well across a myriad of hardware, software, network and browser versions. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Even with ever-improving standards support you almost always have to rely on third party tools to diagnose the issue. So today we want to cover the top 12 browser compatibility testing tools which you can use to debug problems and ensure all your visitors are receiving the same experience on your website or application. That customer might simply leave and visit your competitor who did spend time on browser compatibility testing. This is your silly web browser doing that.

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Cross Browser Testing in Selenium Webdriver using TestNG Parameters

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