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Tweet Something I end up explaining relatively often has to do with all the various ways you can stream video encapsulated in the Real-time Transport Protocol, or RTP, and still claim to be standards compliant. Some background. RTP is used primarily to stream either H. RTP is a system protocol that provides mechanisms to synchronize the presentation different streams — for instance audio and video. As such, it performs some of the same functions as an MPEG-2 transport or program stream.

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I have to admit I wish I knew MORE about what was going on with Arkansas music nowadays, but it is getting harder and harder to keep up the older I get. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started playing music and specifically about the formation of Red Forty.

But what do the coloured blocks down the side of the sleeve mean. Are they just for decoration. Oh no, Peter Saville had thought this through. Saville broke down the individual colours the artist used to create the work: Saville explained: Well, there are 26 sections to the colour wheel.

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