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Greater london authority map always sunny quotes about life Like these initiatives, Colouring London takes advantage of our ability to crowdsource data, to tap into the knowledge of those who know cities best — the people who live in them — as well as those involved in their design and construction, management, care and study. Colouring London is collecting 12 types of data on London's buildings. Users on the platform can click on any box to find out more about each category. Credit. Colouring London Compiling the data Researchers at CASA are looking for 12 types of information for every building in London. location, size and shape; type and age; who built it and how; how it is being used; whether it is protected; how sustainable it is; the greenery that surrounds it; the history of construction and demolition on its plot, and whether volunteers to the project like the building and feel that it contributes to the city. This will involve the collection of around 50 subcategories of data. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The city survives by drawing people in. Far too few are born in London to sustain its population. London has always relied on in-migration to survive.

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He was the best man at my wedding, actually. But there has been talk about using new technologies to get the party back together if you will.

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