What ‘Affirmative Consent’ Actually Means

Affirmative consent examples st petersburg pick up bars While the details vary from campus to campus, affirmative consent policies generally require that participants in sexual activity obtain objectively demonstrable consent at every step of a sexual encounter. These policies are problematic because under most affirmative consent regimes, a student who engages in consensual sex may be found guilty of sexual assault simply by being unable to prove that he or she obtained unambigious consent to every sexual activity throughout a sexual encounter. An increasing number of colleges and universities have adopted affirmative consent policies in an effort to combat sexual assault on campus. Indeed, many such policies are, for all practical purposes, impossible to follow. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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By Suzannah Weiss Nov 2 2015 The concept of affirmative consent dictates that "yes means yes," and that only an enthusiastic "yes" constitutes sexual consent. But what is not consent? A lot of the things we've been taught indicate sexual consent are actually not adequate ways of determining if your partner is into it or not. In order to make sure a sexual encounter is OK with both partners, consent needs to be vocal, enthusiastic, and continuous.

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How To Get High Schoolers To Rethink Sexual Consent And Assault (HBO)

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