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Geller vs. Euwe, Zurich 1953 1. Kasparov vs. Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1999 Despite losing a historic match to the computer engine Deep Blue two years earlier, Garry Kasparov was at the height of his powers in 1999, winning tournaments by big margins and recording the highest Elo rating ever at that time 2851. Kasparov has a long list of brilliancies to his credit, but this game is his virtually undisputed masterpiece. Kasparov vs.

Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand - 6th Gashimov Memorial 2019 - Carlsen too strong

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Rematch: Vishy Anand vs Praggnanandhaa - Tata Steel Chess India 2018

Anand's Immortal - A game for the ages! (According to Magnus Carlsen)

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