In what episodes does the 333 stalker/killer apper in csi ny?

Csi ny 333 episodes lindsay lohan and.50 cent Question by author exceller. Answer. the future A bloody man rushes down the street, tripping over many of the pedestrians with gear on his body and head. He reports to the police that he will kill a man named Kevin Murray at 9 am the next day. While he is talking to the police, he dies. When Flack asks Mac what the victim said, Mac informs him that the man said he was from the future. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Since making their television debut back in 2004, the wily Crime Scene Investigators of New York, led by Detective Mac Taylor, played by Gary Sinise , have proven themselves worthy peers of their higher profile Vegas and Miami counterparts, with fascinating cases, charismatic criminals and gripping plot developments aplenty. In Season Four, the show looks set to continue in a similarly exciting vein. Another rivetting storyline designed to enthral viewers in will concern Mac. Staying with the leader of the CSI. NY, an obsessive stalker prank-calls Mac at his personal number and sends him bloody T-shirts and a blood-spotted puzzle of the New York skyline. Meanwhile, teammate detective Stella Bonasera, played by Melina Kanakaredes, also becomes a home-target when her apartment is set alight and a dead body is found when the flames have been extinguished.

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I got a few strange phone calls on my hotel room phone. Each call came at exactly 3.33 a.


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Contact Author Source I attempted to make this a Top 25 list, but I could not cut the list down to that number. Mac along with the rest of the crime lab team solve crimes in New York City.

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