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One of the few plans we ever made that worked out exactly like we thought it would. But I think even if the idea of an album is no longer important to a listener, it will always be important to most artists.

The idea that each song has a context and a place to exist beyond itself can be important. I also think it gives the listener more information about the artist. It gives them context as well.


While Lucero had nothing to fix, they still managed to build upon what's become one of rock music's strongest foundations. Among the Ghosts is certainly a return to the band's roots, though it's also an album Lucero never could have created without two decades of writing, touring, and companionship under its collective belt. It's the loving, craftsman-like work of the rare kind of band with enough spirit to fill an arena, but with its heart planted firmly in the garage.

Thirty Tigers - by Nate Hennon Some bands are gateways to other genres or scenes. Lucero is one of those bands for me.

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We're lucky to have that kind of flexibility. Nichols hopes to record the album in April, but being constantly on the road can change things. Still, Lucero can't stop touring just yet. If we want to pay the bills, we have to get out on the road.