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Family counseling san francisco is bumble free on iphone Is your child — whether school-aged, an adolescent or an adult — engaging in worrisome behaviors, such as acting out, yelling, self-isolating or abusing substances? Do you fear that your adult child may be suffering from a mental health issue, such as severe anxiety or depression, psychosis or substance abuse? Are you or your loved ones struggling to adjust to the changes brought by blending families, a new marriage, the death of a family member or the birth of a child? Do you feel helpless, hopeless and unsure of how you can effectively support and nurture your family? [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Existential A common theme that comes up in session with clients and in my own life is how do we cope with the vast unknown. My general world view is existential. Part of the work of therapy is helping you identify your coping strategies for life's unknowns and help you build your tolerance for sitting with it rather than running away. Body Image Issues The vast majority of adults and many children in the United States have some kind of disordered relationship to food and body. We're taught that the way we are isn't good enough and listening to our bodies' desires is dangerous.

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Click here for more info about Open Relationship Counseling My specialty is working with couples who desire to feel close again, need to regain trust after the crisis of an affair or loss, or need help with a specific issue such as sex, money, parenting or open relationship. We will locate where communication breaks down, explore the underlying issues getting in the way, and emphasize the resources and positive feelings that are sometimes withheld. A satisfying relationship where we feel supported and inspired helps bring out our best, whereas a relationship with distance, criticism, contempt and resentment is toxic to our overall mental and physical health. As a highly-trained couples therapist, I can help you unlock the underlying patterns that are driving the many surface level complaints.

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