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Latest breaking urdu news pakistan why can' For one, a summer salad features a kelp buttermilk dressing. Christian Science Monitor What can restrain a US-Iran conflict As Iran and the United States inch closer toward a possible military confrontation in the Persian Gulf, it is worth noting another type of battleground in the Middle East — one that may help limit a wider war. It is the battle to protect innocent civilians in the many conflicts involving Iran and other Associated Press BRUSSELS AP — The Latest on elections for the European Parliament all times local . AFP Memes, cartoons and caustic Cantonese. the language of Hong Kong's protests Viral artwork pummelling city leaders, clever word plays and Cantonese cursing that would make a sailor blush -- Hong Kongers have displayed a characteristically riotous embrace of satire during their huge anti-government protests. Anger has punctuated much of the historic rallies roiling Hong Kong Reuters Cambodia sacks minister over building collapse as toll rises to 28 Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen sacked a top disaster management official on Monday, saying he had failed to take responsibility for a Chinese-owned building under construction that collapsed on the weekend killing at least 28 people. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Is it hard to reconcile that. You keep a lot of the things soldiers and widows give you, right. For someone to go to the trouble of bringing those things to a show, specifically to give to the band, that definitely means something. Our fanbase is definitely made up of the entire spectrum of political views.

I listen to it for whatever emotional impact it gives me.

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And by that time, especially, in our catalog, no, we had nothing left to lose. It seems like it has a lot of fan-favorites on it. It does, and actually, this part of the list is tricky. I think the thing with that record is: It was produced by Jim Dickinson down in Mississippi. And this was before we had Rick on keyboards.

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And, personally, was a big year for you. That was the same year you also put out a solo album. Did you work on those concurrently. And that was really easy to keep separate since Last Pale Light was based on a novel.

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Sales in Mexico reach the gold status. Critics thought this film helped indirectly to create tolerance towards homosexuality and transvestism in teenagers.