Twitter birth-year hoax locks users out of accounts

New twitter account locked meetup group meaning Share on Facebook The padlock symbol on a Twitter account means that the user has chosen to "lock" their account, also known as "protecting" it. This means that only people the user has specifically authorized are able to access the account. This can be useful for preventing spam or abusive comments, but is likely to be a bad idea for a business using Twitter as it drastically reduces the potential audience for your tweets. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Over the past week, the company's been suspending the accounts of people who joined Twitter before they were 13 — even if they're now older — due to new European privacy laws. VentureBeat also reports that at least one business account, which had listed a "birthdate" as the company's founding date, had also been suspended. Users are reporting receiving emails and notifications from Twitter alerting them that their accounts can no longer be accessed. Some have reported the suspensions have immediately followed a prompt to add their birthdate to their profile.

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