NFL Playoffs 2019: TV Schedule, Bracket Predictions for AFC and NFC Games

Nfl playoff schedule central time virginia minor drinking laws It appears that in 1970, many of the pairings were based on getting certain geographic rivals to pair up in intraconference games, as the Giants played the Jets, Bills and Patriots, the Chiefs played the Cardinals as well as a Super Bowl rematch with the Vikings, the 49ers and Raiders played, San Diego played Los Angeles, Detroit met Cincinnati and Cleveland, Philadelphia played Pittsburgh and Baltimore, Miami played both Atlanta and New Orleans, and Dallas played Houston. The league also changed the playoff structure with the merger. With three division champs in each conference, the league expanded the playoffs to four teams, with the top non-division winner making the playoffs as a wildcard entry, and playing on the road against one of the top two division winners. Along with this change, the league adopted a rule that the wildcard entry could not play a division opponent until the championship game. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

For only the second time since 2005, the postseason has gone completely chalk. The four top seeds in the playoffs have all made it to the final four, setting up a pair of No 1 vs. One more interesting wrinkle is that both of these upcoming championship games are rematches of regular season contests, adding a layer of intrigue to stakes that are already elevated with a Super Bowl berth on the line.

Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights - NFL 2018 Playoffs

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nfl playoff schedule 2019

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Saints vs. Vikings - NFL Divisional Round Game Highlights

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