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Prisoner correspondence project toronto christian lee navarro 13 reasons why It is by no means complete and we are adding to it regularly. We have collected some statements from prisoners that highlight their situations. This is a quote from an ex-prisoner in a letter sent to London ABC. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The dangerous illusion of the humane prison Can we celebrate a win for trans prisoners, and still work toward total abolition? As of late 2017, a federal prisoner in Canada is to be housed and otherwise treated in accordance with their declared gender identity, which means guards of that same gender will carry out such a search. The prisoner may not, however, refuse the search.

Video shows inmates, warders misbehaving at Durban's Westville Prison

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Prisons are brutal places. Not only does this lead to heightened likelihood of imprisonment, but in prison, the violence from the state and from other people and the marginalization that queer and trans people face is only magnified. Gayle is involved in the Toronto chapter of the Prisoner Correspondence Project, a grassroots initiative based there and in Montreal that seeks to provide support by facilitating pen pal connections between queer and trans people on the outside and queer and trans prisoners, well as through doing public education work.

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