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Now, for the first time, federal authorities are bringing the same kind of felony drug-trafficking charges against a major pharmaceutical distributor and two of its former executives for their role in fanning the crisis. Prosecutors said the former executives at the company, Rochester Drug Cooperative, ignored red flags and shipped tens of millions of oxycodone pills and fentanyl products to pharmacies they knew were distributing drugs illegally. Their sales soared, as did the compensation of the chief executive. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan, who announced the charges at a news conference.

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She knows "everybody experiences art differently. In her words, it's completely and utterly "astounding.

Last fall, she delivered. Just a few weeks before the album's release, she came to Washington; we tuned our piano, she brought violinist Camille Faulkner. The first two songs, "Hurt Less" and "Even," were accompanied by Camille, with Julien on piano for the opening tune and acoustic guitar on the second. It's quite stunning, as she sings: Putting my fist through the plaster in the bathroom of a Motel 6 I must have pictured it all a thousand times I swear to God I think I'm gonna die I know you were right I can't be fixed, so help me For the last, Julien put together an arrangement of "Appointments" that begins on electric guitar, which then was looped as a backdrop to her on piano and voice.

The song did for me what I think it does for other folks. Can you talk about the L-star tattoo. Brian gives those out, huh. How bad was it. It was really bad.