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Shane richie west end musical purdue owl chicago ibid The 53-year-old Londoner has five kids — two grown-up boys to first wife Coleen and a son and two daughters to Christie, whom he married in 2007. It comes to the Theatre Royal in Glasgow on April 3 as part of a hit UK tour, and finds Grace investigating the case of a man who allegedly murdered his wife, while also dealing with the mysterious disappearance of his own partner. Shane told iN10 about the 10 monumental moments of his life. My dad used to run clubs and he would get me up to help sell raffle tickets and call the bingo numbers. Soon after I went up on stage I realised this was what I wanted to do with my life. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Funnily enough when I heard it I tweeted about it and Drake replied. I thought I have got to get an opportunity to see him live. I remember asking the record company that there is a guy called Drake White they did not know who I was talking about. KW. Kat kindly sent me over four tracks this morning to listen to. SR. what did you think?

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I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. I had a lot of freedom as a child and was quite a trouble maker. I played lots of sports and loved seeing the crazy landscapes of our natural world. I used to have really long hair and cut it all off on a whim.

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They had other things to deal with. They were marked by excessive behavior в drink and drugs and self-destructiveness в and a loss of faith in family, in God, in all that she'd known to that point.

But that led to some bad decisions that made my life more destructive than it had to be. That happened around the same time I started going back to church and playing music in church. By her early teens, it had become clear that she was gay.

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Baker has retained her unvarnished emo directness about matters of despair and longing: She measures out the devastation of each song slowly, like a person giving directions to someone wearing a blindfold; she can make small ideas feel oceanic, and shockingly raw thoughts seem almost low-key.

These moments are earned: Baker is tinyвfive feet tall, a hundred and five pounds, she told me, while recounting stories from her college job in live-music production, which required her to scale lighting rigs, haul heavy equipment, and take long Epsom-salt baths afterward. Speaking between tour stops, she was voluble and effervescent in a way that also felt scrupulous: It ended up being that all of that did not afford me any refuge.

It had to be resolved through negotiation.