When God Doesn’t Restore a Broken Relationship

Testimonies of broken relationships restored statute of limitations new york divorce This can be a common thought, especially when we face loss in our relationships. When we are deeply hurt by someone we love, it can be hard to move forward. We carry the pain with us, and it causes fractures in our hearts. The beautiful truth is this. Jesus did not come merely to give us life after death. He came to restore all that had been lost. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Hi Everyone, I would like to leave a message of encouragement for every brokenhearted individual. Trust in God. We lived together and he moved out; the police even got involved as well. Let us not doubt the power of the Almighty God.


How long is it wise to wait for a broken relationship to be restored? Question I am 23 years old. One year ago, I was living, working and studying in the Middle East.

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I was angry with God when I left my abusive husband. As I began to understand my situation better I grew angrier with God. Looking back I may well have done, or it may well be that my husband would simply have found something else to manipulate to keep me in my place. When I read books about marriage or listened to sermons they recommended focusing on being the best spouse you could be, they talked about how we are to serve one another and in these acts of service we fulfil our marriage vows and deepen our relationship. In a normal healthy marriage this is not bad advice but when applied to an abusive marriage it means that the victim ends up taking on more and more of the blame and the perpetrator is left to continue to abuse without being held accountable.

He Was Set Free From Drugs and God Restored His Marriage - Testimony - King Jesus Ministry

Your first and most natural reaction might be to ask God to restore your relationship, especially if the breakup or separation was unexpected. My inspiration to write this article came from a She Blossoms reader whose boyfriend broke up with her. I prayed for him and asked the Lord to help him.