Yamaha Guitar Serial Numbers: What Can They Tell You?

Yamaha guitar serial number archive biblical marriage counseling near me And to be able to fairly accurately determine when they were made. Everyone has been guessing for years. The facts presented are based on personal observations, data collected, and data donated. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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My Yamaha serial number looks nothing like this! The letter at the beginning represents the month, so J would be March see chart above. The number following the letter is the year, in this case 7 for 1987. The last three numbers indicate unit number. The three numbers are again, unit number.

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MM12022 The First 2 Numbers The first 2 numbers represent the day of the month so this is pretty straight forward. MM12022 The final 3 Numbers The last 3 numbers represent the unit number that was built that day. So, in our example 022 means that this guitar was the 22nd guitar built on that day.

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Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Overview

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