Sanctification: Examining Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety sermon paco alvarez y dulce maria edad Fear and Worry Do you struggle to get through the day because you're consumed with worry? If you do, you're not alone. There's an endless supply of things to worry about, both in world affairs and in our personal lives. It can consume us and distract us from living in the moment and from being in tune with God's voice in our lives. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Last weekend we tackled the ideas of guilt and shame and what to do with guilt and shame. What God does in justification, or in granting to us the righteousness of Christ and taking from us our sins, is he drives away guilt. We looked at the book of Colossians, where it says he has canceled the record of debt. The good news about what Christ has done for us is that the record of debt has been canceled. If you are a believer in Christ, all of your sins, past, present, and future, are accounted for on the cross of Jesus Christ, nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ so that you are guiltless, according to the Word of God.

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Sanctification: Examining Fear and Anxiety -- Matt Chandler

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