Does Anyone Remember Snapple Elements?

Snapple elements drink preacher season 3 episode 4 cast Print Article AA We've been taking a look at foods we miss dearly and crave back in our lives. But all of that junk food has made us thirsty, so this time, we're reminiscin' 'bout some dranks. I'd drink the shit out of them and then use the beautiful glass bottles for memory candles -- reduce, reuse, recycle! My favorite by far was Snapple Rain, the clear agave cactus flavor that tasted like it dripped straight from the clouds of heaven many props to Snapple for using agave long before it was cool. Someone write Wendy Kaufman and ask her why Snapple started hating on nature so much. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The kind of thirst you get in the dog days of summer when your tongue begins to swell and adhere to the roof of your mouth. Can I offer you a tall glass of Sahara sand? That's better. Snapple Rain was produced in the 90's, that magical decade of many amazing things.

Much to Venable's surprise, many fans of punk rock accepted the band as one of their own. Although it was Venable who named the band and approached Nichols about starting it, from the beginning, Nichols has written and sung most of the songs. The group's early work featured slow love songs Venable termed "cowboy emo" to Michael Donahue in the Memphis newspaper Commercial Appeal.

That's "cowboyish, sappy love songs," Venable told Donahue.

Snapple bottle problem!!

Snapple - The Rise and Rise Again