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Ray palmer tumblr rabbit bonding when to give up In the original DC Comics, Oliver Queen was a very strong defender of social justice, so it would make sense that his television counterpart would be ticked off at the results of the 2016 U. I just keep picturing Oliver donning his Green Arrow suit and taking a road trip to yell at each member of the electoral college for voting for the Republican candidate. They could have simply knocked the Reverse-Flash out and Eddie could have had a vasectomy, which would ensure that he had no children. That way, the Reverse-Flash would have still been written out of existence and Eddie could have went on to living a long, happy life. That way no one would be offended and they could still add a bit of drama into the plot. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

He is, after all, headlining a team of heroes in Legends of Tomorrow , which premieres next year. It was borderline stalkerish. Because you should. You are not a bad person. You were introduced, we knew there was the possibility of a spinoff, and we wanted to like you.

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