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Polar wandering in hindi relevant magazine i kissed dating goodbye This record is preserved by many rocks from the time of their formation. The paleomagnetic data have played an instrumental role in deciphering the history of our planet including a decisive evidence for continental drift and global plate tectonics. The data have also been crucial for better understanding the problems of regional and local tectonics, geodynamics, and thermal history of our planet. The rifting began during an interval of reversed polarity of geomagnetic field. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Print The study of the Earth's magnetic field as recorded in the rock record was an important key in reconstructing the history of plate motions. We have already seen how the recording of magnetic reversals led to the confirmation of the seafloor spreading hypothesis. The concept of apparent polar wander paths was helpful in determining the speed, direction, and rotation of continents. Apparent Polar Wander To illustrate the idea of polar wander, imagine you have a composite volcano on a continent like the one in the sketch below.

GEOMAGNETISM,भू-चुम्ब्कत्व, पृथ्वी का चुम्बकीय गुण तथा स्रोत , LESSON 56

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Magnetic Reversals and Sea Floor Spreading

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